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Fit & Athletic Online Program


The Fit & Athletic ~ Krackalicious Style ~ Online 12 Week Program is ONLY offered twice a year, January & September. There is limited availability as the program is very personalized & customized for each individual.

This is not necessarily a weight loss program; this is whatever your goals are! Are you working towards a fitness goal or just want to be able to go for a run? Either way this is your plan, your goals!  
Offered twice a year in January & September and is capped at 10 ladies

The 12 Week Online Program includes:

Workouts Plans, Cardiovascular training programs & Individualized diet plans designed and written by Krackalicious herself! You will have private access to my Facebook group where I will upload videos, recipes & provide motivation & encouragement! You will also receive a “Krackalicious” T-shirt!

You will receive individual Bi-monthly updates. Check-ins are done via E-mail and must include current pictures and current body stats. Your program will then be updated and sent back by the following Monday morning. There are a total of 7 checkins, including the initia l start.

Entry Costs for the Fit & Athletic ~ Krackalicious Style: $599
Be the change you want to see!

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